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  • 2018-12-12
    I can not read a thing on the box and such but if I had a complaint it would be the no mute button but the quality is amazing. The cancellation of sounds is incredible and the sound quality is so much better than my fiance's more expensive head sets. Love this!
  • 2018-11-30
    This review will be amended after the holidays.This is a Christmas gift for my niece. My nephew did tell me that a friend of his has this headset, in a different color, and that it sounds pretty good.
  • 2018-11-28
    Daniel L.
    First its pink, my girl wanted a pink headphone, second, its got ears, although the ear is not functional like the one I saw from Sharper Image but it still looks cute... my girl loves it. Now the sound is clear but it is not bass heavy so if you are looking for something with deep bass, this is not it. I got this for my girl to use on school works so clarity is very important and the mic is crisp when recording as some of her school works require voice recording.