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    So this headset is very good for the price! The mic and sound quality are great. I saw people complain that it presses against glasses and makes wearing them for extended periods uncomfortable but I haven't found that to be an issue. It did take a full week to get any shipping update which was a concern but after that the parcel only took about another week to arrive. As for any issues with drivers to work on PC I ensured my drivers were up to date on my laptop and the headset worked fine. These are a great alternative to the Kraken headset
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    In the box it says the cat lights up AND IT DOESN’T AT ALL, IT DOESN’T EVEN HAVE THE BUTTONS IN THE BACK LIKE WTF MAN I WASTED MY MONEY ON THIS?! I’M VERY MUCH DISPLACED! I can’t believe people are falling for buying this.
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    Cheap plastic headphones, drivers can't be installed, mic doesn't work, audio quality is atrocious.
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    Cant believe how u can sell headphones which has no current driver. Fix this damn problem as fast as possible, like seriously.
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    Bought it and its amazing, however please fix your driver download page as there's an error.
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    Headphones doesn't work because I can't download drivers from the site :)))))
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    fix your fucking drivers page
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    Got this ass a gift but can't download a driver its in another language!!! this is not good at all
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    I just got these headphones and I keep getting an error when I try to go to the driver download page
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    I can download drivers from this website, I am getting an error
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    purchased a G951s pink headset and need the driver for it, but when i go to the download driver site its not in English so i dont understand what to do. So can you send me the link to get the driver download thats in English. i need the Windows 64 bit version of the driver.
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    I just bought this headphone for 1 days but the sound is not working for me at all
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    Good day. I am the owner of G951. The operating system is windows 10. The driver has become itself and I work with headphones with a microphone. However, the Somic Audio Center control program is not installed. I checked it on the Internet, everyone has a problem, and so far no one has solved it. Can you please tell me if there will be a working version of Somic Audio Center or you can not even wait? Thanks in advance for your reply.
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    A great headset, but one of my biggest problems is the fact that discord doesn't recognize the mic. Also is kinda hard to configure the headset without the existence of a driver.
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    I love these headphones so much but the LED cat face on the headphone ear area just doesn't turn on at all. And I cannot find any resources to help turn them on
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    Good afternoon! please tell me if this model has vibration and microphone illumination? If yes, how are they activated? I can not find a description of the model and its functions, documentation on your site. Regards, Anna.
    Service: Hello Anna, our headset does not have these two functions, thank you for your understanding
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    Hello, i would like to ask. i bought the 3.5mm g951 pink one but i had trouble finding the right driver for it since in the websites it doesnt have the driver for the 3.5mm one and the mic not detecting the sound even if i already switch off the mute button. i try another headphone on my pc and it works fine. is there any way to deal with these issues ? thank you
    Service: Dear Customer,
    G951S Pink is the a driver free model. There is no driver for G951S Pink. Please delete the driver you have download and use the G951S Pink headphones directly.
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    The sound quality is really good. Clear. Love the ability to adjust the volume. The headset is comfortable just a little large but that’s how all the gaming headsets are made. Overall I’m super satisfied with the purchase great value for my money !
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    Angenehmes Headset auch für längere Gaming Eimsätze. Das Headset besitzt große Kunstleder Ohrpads disese schließen die Ohren schön dicht ab. Die Sound Qualität ist angenehm, die tiefen sehr satt und die höhen ziemlich ausgliechen.
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    The sound quality is really good in comparison with price and it paired with my iPhone 6s as well. The only thing that I had struggle with was how to pair them with phone for the first time. You need to take them off from the case and then click on the Bluetooth device to get paired. if they are in the case, the won't pair with your phone. I like them so far.
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