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    Excellent super fast delivery many thanks
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    Arrived promptly. Look lovely. A happy child.
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    I can not read a thing on the box and such but if I had a complaint it would be the no mute button but the quality is amazing. The cancellation of sounds is incredible and the sound quality is so much better than my fiance's more expensive head sets. Love this!
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    This review will be amended after the holidays.This is a Christmas gift for my niece. My nephew did tell me that a friend of his has this headset, in a different color, and that it sounds pretty good.
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    First its pink, my girl wanted a pink headphone, second, its got ears, although the ear is not functional like the one I saw from Sharper Image but it still looks cute... my girl loves it. Now the sound is clear but it is not bass heavy so if you are looking for something with deep bass, this is not it. I got this for my girl to use on school works so clarity is very important and the mic is crisp when recording as some of her school works require voice recording.
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    I've had a near identical pair of headphones for years that I bought on amazon, but it's no longer sold. The only difference with this pair is the company selling it I think. Anyway, my husband headphones broke, so I let him borrow mine, and he wanted his own pair! These are very comfortable and come with a utility CD to adjust surround sound. The mic works well and my only issue is the volume dial sometimes gets knocked because the section of the cord with the dial lands right next to my knees when I'm sitting at my PC. Aside from that nuisance, these are perfect!
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    Works great. Sound is nice, style is nice. Only thing I didn't like was they're a little snug, but after they're broke in that should be better.
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    Love it so far. Only think I noticed was that the mic is on when the light is red and the mic is muted when the light is off. Which is the opposite of most headsets.Otherwise its great
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  • US$ 39.99



    This headset blew me away, for one it has the best mic i have ever heard on a headset. The headset is nice and light and i can game for hours without any discomfort. The sound is amazing as well i can hear footsteps and locate enemies easily. For a 40$ headset this can not be beat. Highly recommend.
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    In my opinion, the most important feature of headphones should be the sound (that should be everybody's opinion, but let's not get on a rant). The sound is excellent. They are comfortable as well. And they are cheap compared to other headphones that provide high quality sound. The flat cord also prevents tangling. Overall this is an awesome product at a low price.
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    Good quality for the price. Comfortable !
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    My daughter needed on for school for the classroom computer. I love that it is adjustable and can fit to her head. I love that it's an over the ear kind. She says it's comfortable and has no problem with it whatsoever.
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    I compared these to the Sony MDR-7506 headphones. These have slight more bass and just slightly less mids when listening from my Note 5. The sound is so similar we spent about 20 minutes swapping headphones just to compare. When I hooked them up to my laptop I was blown away how nice these sound. They feel like good quality. Overall I'm very happy.
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    Great headphones. Great sound with a comfortable fit and good adjustability. They have nice depth in the lows and crisp highs. No “tinny” sounding highs or distorted lows.
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    Incredible headset with awesome subwoofers
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