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Brand Story Somic Technology

SOMIC Brand Story

SOMIC was founded in 1999, has always been to create a world-class audio products as own duty, actively promote the audio products to diversification and globalization development. Somic music family is committed to provide music lovers in the world with the most comprehensive and perfect audio solutions.





OMIC city music series born for people who love fashion music, designed from the designer George Mathew to travel around the world, put different style of cities into the products design inspiration. Somic city music spirit is a kind of love music, love travel, love life, the attitude and courage to pursue their dreams.


SOMIC classic music series is to design for professional music fans, combined SOMIC advanced acoustic technology and unremitting pursuit of the perfect series idea, also pursue every detail perfectly to make every listening more authentic. Classic music focused on Hi-fi, monitor and manufacture of professional audio equipment, to the pursuit of every product to be hailed as a classic.

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