SOMIC GS401 Gaming Headset with Mic LED Wireless/Wired

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Product selling points:

1. The three-mode sound effects can be switched at will:There are integrated buttons on the ear shells, which can switch the three sound effects of game/audio/video with one key, and easily experience a variety of professional sound effects;

2. RGB/white/blue LED lighting effects:game-RGB, white-audio and video, blue-live broadcast, magical lighting effects with diamond cutting aesthetics, highlighting the unique personality of players;

3. High-performance 50mm moving coil unitwith mellow bass and bright treble;

4. The head beam is made of imported high-toughness materials with a lightweight body design, which is comfortable and stress-free to wear for a long time;

5. The microphone can be bent at will, the radio is clear and sensitive, and it is convenient for storage.

6.The original internal tilt of 4.7°:After hundreds of research and development verifications, this tilt-in-ear independent sound cavity is more ergonomic, and it is more comfortable to wear for a long time without pressing the ears.

7. The 2.4G version supports both wireless and wired modes, which are suitable for various scenarios.

8. Virtual 7.1 surround sound: virtual 7.1 multi-channel, 360° stereo surround sound, immersive gaming experience.

9. Noise reduction and no leakage: 22mm thickness is soft and comfortable, all-inclusive protein leather earmuffs are like ear massage every time you wear them

10.Wide Compatibility: Comes with a 3.5mm cable, it can be connected with PC, Mac, phone, tablet, PS4, Xbox one in wired. And the 2.4G dongle is compatible with PC, PS4 in wireless. The LED lighting is only available on wireless connection.

11.EASY VOLUME CONTROLLER: Integrated control button on the ear cover with rotary volume controller and microphone mute, allows you to control the volume easily and mute the mic during game.

Note: The 3.5MM version does not have as many functions as the other two versions. For details, please read the following three versions of the function and parameter difference table:

Functional and Parameters Differences

Product version


USB 7.1

2.4G wireless

Function category

Support function/connection method

Volume adjustment

Light on/off

Connection mode

3.5mm interface+USB(power supply)


USB receiver wireless connection

Virtual 7.1 sound


3 Sound effect mode


Microphone on/off

Play time

about 8-10 hours

Drivers Diameter







Frequency response

20Hz ~ 20KHz

Operating Range



Net weight



Cord Length