We offer a 1-year-hassle-free warranty for all SOMIC products, which covers any manufacturing or workmanship defects but does not cover damages such as normal wear and tear; misuse or abuse; or modification of the product.
We cannot promise that the style or product for the warranty claim will be in inventory when your claim is processed. However, don't fret! In the event of being out of inventory, we will offer store credit to be used at your disposal. Please note, that the store credit never expires and can be used towards any purchase on www.itsomic.com.

Any warranty claim for SOMIC products that were not purchased from www.itsomic.com (For example, you buy the product from Amazon) must have a proof of purchase to us. Otherwise, the warranty claim cannot be processed and is considered invalid.

SOMIC will not be responsible for any damages that occur from the use of any SOMIC product. Therefore, our warranty does not cover the repair or replacement of property such as electronic devices and/or other personal property.
One (1) warranty claim is allowed per each purchased product from SOMIC or Amazon and must be within our 1-year from the date of the initial purchase.

Kindly note! Images/videos are super helpful! Therefore, if you submit a warranty claim, we request that you include photos of the product so we can effectively solve your issue.


  • Please provide the reason for the claim.
  • Provide the order number.
  • Once sent, the support team will reach out to you to provide further assistance.